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Horses are magnificent creatures that touch many of us at the core of our being. Horses are not only fast and powerful, but when treated lovingly and with respect, make good companions. I acquired my horse - Takoda (shown at this site), as a rescue situation. He has been with me since Aug, 2011 and is now 6 years old. He is smart, inquisitive, comes when he is called, and is usually cooperative. Just being near him is uplifting. If you can earn a horse's trust & respect, you'll have a good friend. It is no wonder horses hold such a special place in our hearts. And though this website was created for business, it is nonetheless dedicated to those enchanting souls we call Horses. That being said, Horse lovers one and all are cordially invited to gather at the HorseMost discussion forum. Sign in and share.

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My name is Scott French. I am the creator and webmaster of this website. Please feel free to contact me.


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For those using this site - Please Note - It is my goal that this site retain my original inspiration of being: a Horse lover's cyberhaven. I will do all I can to continue developing, running, and guiding this site in that direction - regardless of who owns it. Thanks.

For questions or more info, please feel free to contact me at: mail@ScottFrench.info

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